Welcome to Eggs By Kathy

LOGO 41x60Welcome to EggsbyKathy.  These are hand-made Pysanky eggs.

Pysanky or Pisanki (pih-SAHN-kee) is the name of an egg decorating tradition coming  from the
Ukraine and surrounding areas. A tool called a  kistka (KIST-kuh) is used to write on the eggs
with  melted  beeswax. A kistka is like a pen (with a small funnel) using wax instead of ink.
A design is  drawn on an egg with the melted wax and then  dipped into a light-color  dye,
such as yellow.  The  egg will stay white  wherever the wax was “written”. Another wax design
is “written” again on the same egg,  then dipped into a darker color dye, such as orange.
Whereever the wax was written in this step, the egg  will stay yellow.  This  process is repeated
over and over again with different dyes of different colors.  The wax is removed by holding 
the egg next to a candle flame, melting the wax so it can be wiped off with a paper towel.
Three coats of clear non-yellowing lacquer are applied for protection.

CEH-Polish CrestCES-Paisley-Pink-Gold-3CEH-Orange-Black-Blue-Red-2    

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