About Me

My name is Kathy Greenwood, and I made all the eggs on this site.  Pysanky or Pisanki is the name of this art form which is a Slavic tradition.  My maiden name, Kolodziej, is Polish, and I grew up in a Polish parish, St. Casimir’s in St. Louis, MO.

In 2007, I was looking at beading books in the library when I came upon a book on decorating eggs.  Easter was only a few weeks away, so I checked out the book hoping to find a project to complete with my three young sons (ages 10, 8, and 5 at that time).  While reading the book that Saturday evening, a faint memory came back to me.  I remembered reading or hearing about a Polish custom of decorating eggs with wax when I was in fourth grade or so.  My mom (who was not Polish) allowed me to try making some eggs.  She let me hold crayons in the flame of a candle and then drag the semi-melted crayon onto an egg.  Needless to say, there wasn’t any precision involved, and all was forgotten, until that Saturday night in 2007!  I immediately looked online, and found a Ukrainian Gift Shop in Roseville, Minnesota.  I ordered a kit with the basics: wax, dyes, kistkas.   The kit came that following Friday and I have been making Pysanky since!

My background is not in Art, I have a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  I worked full-time until my third son was born; but I still work in the field as a Contract Engineer on a part-time basis occasionally.  This hobby has become my “therapy” or my “own little escape from reality”. I do see some benefits from the engineering when working with the eggs.  I have always been somewhat of a perfectionist, and the attention to detail has been helpful.  Symmetry and visualizing in three dimensions is also handy.  I sometimes cheat by using a color wheel for mixing colors. The lines drawn on an egg are not long when compared to a artist’s canvas; lucky for me, it seems like doodling!  I haven’t tired of it yet.

Thanks for your interest.